Bridal Registry

Our Bridal Registry Program allows your friends and relatives to contribute financially to your Wedding Video. We will provide you with a card to include with your wedding invitations explaining the process to your guests.

Here's how it works:

Your guest simply writes a check in the amount of their gift;  makes it payable to High Driver Video Productions;  places the Bride or Groom's full name on the check's memo line;  and mails it to:

High Driver Video Productions
PO Box 184
Ickesburg, PA 17037

We will apply the full amount of the gift toward the cost of your Wedding Video and deduct it from your balance. We will notify you prior to your rehearsal day, to inform you of your remaining balance. If your account receives more gift money than your balance, we will refund those amounts to you at your rehearsal.

Plus, we will invite your guest to include a picture or personal message that we can include along with their name in the credits of your video.

What a wonderful way for them to help provide you with a lifetime of memories of your special day.