Wedding Package - Frequently Asked Questions...

What will it cost?

There are no hidden fees. Your wedding day can last as long as you like, because unlike other companies, we don't charge by the hour, or set any time limits. There is no additional fee if the reception is at a different location than the wedding. Contact us for current pricing and any special offers.

Do I have to pay a deposit, and do you have any installment options?

At this time we have two payment options in place...

1. 50% Deposit at the time of the contract signing, with the balance due at the Rehearsal.

2. Lay-Away.  25% Deposit at the time of the contract signing.  The balance will be collected in equal monthly installments (no interest or fees) for the remaining time prior to the Rehearsal.

Additionally, Family and Friends may choose to contribute toward your Wedding Video by participating in our Bridal Registry Program.  Details

How long will my video be?

You will have complete coverage of your wedding service and other wedding day activities, depending on which package you choose. Generally there will be 10 to 15 minutes of edited video per hour of the pre-wedding and post-wedding activities. Total DVD time will not exceed ~100 minutes in order to maintain video quality and improve compatibility with  home DVD players.

Can I choose background music?

We have purchased an extensive library of licensed music to use in our productions. This music spans many generations, themes, genres, and moods. If you really would like to use specific music in your video, we will try to get you a quote through the applicable licensing agency for the permission to use that music. You will be responsible to pay the additional cost of any license fees.

What special effects will be on my video?

It can be a mistake to overuse special effects. Slow motion clips, black and white, colorization, and cross-dissolve transitions, can enhance your video, but we will sparingly use additional special effects at our discretion.

Are there filming restrictions at my church?

Maybe. Please check with your church and inform us of any special arrangements necessary. We will always abide by the restrictions of the church or officiate.

Will I have to pay extra for your transportation and meals?

If we will be traveling more than 50 miles, a fee may be negotiated. It is preferred, that a meal be provided at the reception, so that we don't have to take time away from your event go elsewhere to eat.